The Biplane

The Pitts S2S first flew in December 1977 and was certified in June 1981 and is a unique single-seat version of the classic Pitts Special aerobatic biplane discussed onRich Goodwin Airshows .
Improving on the 200hp of the S2A, made famous amongst others by the Rothmans team, the S2S is powered by a 260hp fuel injected Lycoming engine. In order to achieve the same weight distribution the front fuselage frames are 14 inches shorter than the two seater and the engine is mounted tight against the firewall.
The S2S has symmetrical wings and four symmetrical ailerons, with spades on the lower set to help reduce stick force in roll. The six cylinder engine has more of a growl than it’s predecessors, adding to its appeal and this enables the S2S to draw longer vertical lines that it’s smaller brothers and sisters.
It is also capable of spectacular tumbles and a different style of high energy aerobatics. For the 2013 season G-EWIZ will change shape with the addition of the newly designed Wolf cowling and rod style landing gear. The performance of the engine will be enhanced using the Airflow Performance Fuel injection unit, Skydynamics Induction and Exhaust systems.

The larger S2S size makes it much more visible for competition Aerobatics and it is a great Air show Performer with its very impressive smoke system.

  • For 2014, the aerodynamics and shape of the wings and tail will change. The New Wings will give G-EWIZ a new look and enhanced roll rate.
  • It will be painted in a unique design created by Mirco Pecorari at Aircraft Studio Design.

This is an amazingly agile Biplane produces a very unique display.

The technical data

EngineTextron Lycoming AEIO-540-D4A5
Power260 BHP @ 2700 RPM – Built By AEP
Fuel Capacity35 U.S. Gallons (34 Usable)
Empty Weight1090 lbs
Range405 miles
Rate of Roll240 deg/sec
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