The Ultimate Biplane for Air Show Entertainment

High Energy, Power Aerobatics Flown with Precision

Classic Manoeuvers have been combined with high Energy gyroscopic forces to produce a very dynamic routine.

The Powerfull MT prop and 6 cylinder 9 liter lycoming take this
Rich Goodwin Airshows routine to another level.

Connect with the YouTube link to see the Muscle Biplane Performance for yourself.

Unique and spectacular Manoeuvers

G-EWIZ has been specially modified  to provide the ultimate  Biplane for Air Show Entertainment. The modification programme has given this Biplane enhanced  capabilities producing a  unique style of Aerobatics.

Check out some of the manoeuvers below on YouTube.  

  • Harrier Flight. Hovering on the powerful MT prop.
  • Double hammer head. 
  • Tower of power. Torque roll and backwards flight
  • High Alpha Knife edge flight
  • The centrifuge

Are just some of the manoeuvers. See it for yourself on the YouTube link above.

Modifications specification flown in 2013/14

There are numerous small changes that give the Muscle Biplane its breathtaking performance.

  • High performance 6 cylinder lycoming engine has been specially built by Neil Andrews at CFS Aero.
  • Modified Pitts Cowl with dual oil coolers. Lighter and less drag. 
  • New Airflow Performance Fuel injection System to increase the volumetric flow rate through the engine.
  • New Skydynamics Exhaust and Cold Air induction system with swing arm oil pick up.
  • The ultimate  MT Propeller with their latest design  wide chord aerobatic blade.
  • New Wolf Pitts Titanium Rod Gear.   Lighter with less drag.
  • New panel with JPI EDM 740 engine monitoring and data loging system.

Colin Hales Maintaining The Muscle Biplane.

Colin Hales is a 44 year old commercial pilot who also runs his own aviation maintenance company and is licensed with European and UK authorities to release to service all types and makes of general aviation aircraft, including homebuilt aircraft and gliders. Growing up in the pit lane, I watched my father and his friends race Thundersport Saloon cars, which they had designed and built themselves. This background gave me a base later in life to redesign and build my own aircraft, which I’ve successfully flown around the world.

Never quite being content with a normal 9 to 5 day as a licensed mechanic, working on your average GA aircraft, I’ve always looked to push my engineering boundaries and therefore worked on many famous vintage aircraft – right through to leading edge composite racing craft. When approached by Richard to inspect and sign the Muscle Biplane as airworthy , I jumped at the opportunity to join the team. Knowing full well of his intentions to redesign and modify the Pitts S2S, push more boundaries and hopefully create what will be one of the most capable aerobatic Biplanes in UK and Europe.

Future Modifications for 2014/15

  • New Rudder and Tail designed by Eddie Saurenman
  • New shaped wing with improved ailerons and wing tips. Being Built.
  • Complete recover with Polyfiber and new colour scheme designed Mirco of Aircraft Studio Design.  
  • If you want to follow progress I will be writing a blog for you to follow the ups and downs of the modification process and testing over the winter months.

An Amazing Aircraft to Fly

There is still untaped performance in these iconic Biplanes and I believe the evolution of the carbon monnoplane left further development of the biplane behind in this country. I have been offered a lot of support from the American Experimental builders with all of the modifications I am planning. I am enjoyig the challenge of the modifiction process and it is an amazing and rewarding aircraft to fly.